Editorial Board

The advisory board and editorial board of the Journal of the Palestinian Educators Association for Literature, Educational and Psychological Studies

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan Abu Rahma
Assistant Professor of Educational Administration - Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education

: 00970598383345

e-mail: dr.aburahma@pal-ea.com

Vice President of the Editorial Board
Prof. Dr. Suleiman Hussein Al-Muzayen
Professor of Fundamentals of Education, Faculty of Education, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine.

email: slemanhm@pal-ea.com


Editorial board members

Prof. Dr. Selim, the return of the customer
Professor of Psychological Counseling at the University of Jordan - Jordan
The World Islamic Science and Education University of Amman, Amman, Jordan

The World Islamic Science and Education University Amman, amman, Jordan


Prof. Dr. Imad Muhammad Hussein Abu Ghouri
Assistant Professor of Fundamentals of Islamic Education, College of Islamic Call, Palestine

: 00972599851533


Prof. Sana Ezz El-Din Attari

- Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature -

Member of the Palestinian Higher Education Council - Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

00970545315765 :


- Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Karim Al-Qatati
Assistant Professor of Fundamentals of Education, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Palestine



Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hassanein Abdo Ajami
Faculty of Education, Mansoura University - Arab Republic of Egypt



Professor Dr. / Abkar Abdel Banat Adam Banat
- President of the University of the Noble Qur’an and the Origination of Sciences - - Republic of Sudan



Prof. Dr. Fayez Ali Al-Aswad
Faculty of Education - Al-Azhar University, Gaza, Palestine



Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Mohamed El-Ganazra
- Faculty of Education - Birzeit University

Prof. Dr. Hatem Jassem Al-Hassoun
American Academy for Higher Education and Training - United States of America

: 00212635184711




Prof. Dr. Hajar Al Tayeb Mohamed Ibrahim
- College of Education - University of Gezira - Republic of Sudan



Prof. Dr. Maged Mahmoud Abu El-Enein, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Arab Republic of Egypt

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